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Since the early days of our Youth Organization, more than 50,000 of your boys and girls have played on teams or have participated in one of the many other activities we have made available over the years for Catholic School and Parishes in the Minneapolis Area.

We believe our Program provides an important link between young people and their Parishes through athletic and academic events and that it is an extension of the Catholic Classroom where children are thought the values of sportsmanship and the meaning of integrity.

As these young student athletes who have been a part of M.C.Y.O. take their place along side the many who have gone before them, it is our hope that their involvement in our program will help them to one day take their place as responsible and caring members of the Catholic Community in which they live.

We are proud of our Program and grateful for the many dedicated men and women who help to make it work...member of the M.C.Y.O. Board of Directors, Coaches, Athletic Associations, Principals, Pastors, Parents and our Officials, without whose help we would not be able to continue this work on behalf of our young people.

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