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Listed above are the activities currently being offered by MCYO. Click on the link above to get more information.

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Our Activities Calendar contains general information for all activities (i.e. sign up dates, deadlines, start/finish dates, etc).

Dear Athletic Directors and Coaches:
It is important that the M.C.Y.O. League and participating schools be represented well during our sports events. We need to reach a high standard of appearance to match the high expectations we have always had for good sportsmanship. In order to achieve this excellence, please make sure the students on your basketball teams follow the listed standards:

  1. Each student must wear a pair of matching athletic shoes.
  2. Socks must be pulled up and show above the athletic shoes.
  3. Shorts must be pulled up to the waist - no sagging.
  4. Shirts must be tucked in to the waistband.
  5. No "extras" should be worn such as bands on the biceps, bands on the calves.
  6. If headbands are allowed, please make sure they are plain instead of autographed.

Monsignor Coates would be proud of these improvements. He was a man of such dignity and order. Thank you for supporting these standards.

Jeff Cerisier

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