Basketball 2015-16 Girls Cub Master

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Below are all BASKETBALL GAMES for ALL GIRLS CUB in the 2015-2016 season. The purpose of this schedule is for Athletic Directors and organizers to more easily track upcoming games by Court and Date.

*note – All games are listed twice, once for each team playing.

12/10/15Good ShepherdGood ShepherdWin
12/10/15Holy FamilyGood ShepherdLoss
12/12/15Holy FamilyO.L.P. – Our Lady of Peace10:00 AM
12/12/15Our Lady of PeaceO.L.P. – Our Lady of PeaceWin
12/14/15St. BartholomewGood ShepherdWin
12/14/15Good ShepherdGood ShepherdWin
12/15/15Holy NameHoly Name of JesusWin
12/15/15Holy FamilyHoly Name of JesusLoss
1/4/16St. BartholomewSt. Bartholomew’s (St. Bart’s)6:00 PM
1/4/16Holy NameSt. Bartholomew’s (St. Bart’s)Win
1/9/16Good ShepherdGood ShepherdLoss
1/9/16Holy NameGood ShepherdWin
1/11/16St. BartholomewSt. Bartholomew’s (St. Bart’s)Win
1/11/16Good ShepherdSt. Bartholomew’s (St. Bart’s)Loss
1/13/16Holy NameO.L.P. – Our Lady of Peace6:30 PM
1/13/16Our Lady of PeaceO.L.P. – Our Lady of Peace6:30 PM
1/15/16St. BartholomewAscensionLoss
1/15/16Our Lady of PeaceAscensionWin
1/20/16Holy NamePope John Paul IIWin
1/20/16Holy FamilyPope John Paul IILoss
1/21/16Good ShepherdGood Shepherd6:00 PM
1/21/16Holy FamilyGood ShepherdLoss
1/29/16Our Lady of PeaceO.L.P. – Our Lady of PeaceWin
1/29/16St. BartholomewO.L.P. – Our Lady of PeaceLoss
2/2/16Good ShepherdGood Shepherd5:00 PM
2/2/16Our Lady of PeaceGood Shepherd5:00 PM
2/2/16Holy FamilyGood Shepherd6:00 PM
2/2/16St. BartholomewGood Shepherd6:00 PM
2/6/16St. BartholomewPope John Paul IIRescheduled
2/6/16Holy NamePope John Paul IIRescheduled
2/6/16Holy FamilyO.L.P. – Our Lady of Peace11:00 AM
2/6/16Our Lady of PeaceO.L.P. – Our Lady of Peace11:00 AM
2/8/16St. HelenaGood Shepherd5:00 PM
2/8/16St. HelenaGood ShepherdLoss
2/8/16St. HelenaGood ShepherdWin
2/9/16Holy NameO.L.P. – Our Lady of PeaceLoss
2/9/16Our Lady of PeaceO.L.P. – Our Lady of PeaceWin
2/11/16St. CharlesSt. Charles Borromeo5:00 PM
2/11/16Immaculate ConceptionSt. Charles Borromeo6:00 PM
2/12/16Our Lady of PeaceO.L.P. – Our Lady of PeaceWin
2/12/16Good ShepherdO.L.P. – Our Lady of PeaceLoss
2/13/16Holy FamilyGood Shepherd12:15 PM
2/13/16St. BartholomewGood Shepherd12:15 PM
2/13/16Good ShepherdHoly Name of JesusLoss
2/13/16Holy NameHoly Name of JesusWin
2/16/16Immaculate ConceptionSt. Charles Borromeo5:30 PM
2/16/16St. CharlesSt. Charles Borromeo6:30 PM
2/19/16St. Raphael NCSt. Raphael’s School Field5:00 PM