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Basketball is offered in three age divisions for both boys and girls:

  • Northstar (5th grade and under)
  • Cub (6th grade and under)
  • AA (8th grade and under)


  • AA (8th Grade and Under) $325.00
  • CUB (6th Grade and Under) $275.00
  • NORTHSTAR (5th Grade and Under) $275.00


Minnesota State High School League Rules will govern the play of all games with the following MCYO exceptions:

All MCYO games will be four periods (not half’s). Boy’s and Girl’s AA games are 7 minutes stop time (overtime is 3 minutes), Boy’s & Girl’s Cub games are 6 minutes stop time (overtime is 2 minutes), Boy’s & Girl’s Northstar games are 7 minutes running time (overtime is 2 minutes).

Size of the Basketball: AA Boy’s use the high school men’s ball – AA Girl’s, all Cub And Northstar Leagues use the high school women’s ball.

Style of Defense in all Cub and Northstar Leagues: Player to Player defense only. The defense must drop back beyond the time-line following a completed offensive pass or before an inbounds throw-in from the backcourt.

Teams may apply Player to player press in the last 2 minutes of the game and any overtime period.

No team may press or half-court trap with a 20 or more point lead. After one warning, the Officials will call a technical foul for unsportsmanlike conduct. Fast-break baskets and other forms of “running up the score” should be discouraged by all coaches in the interest of promoting good sportsmanship.

The 3 point shot will be part of the AA League games only (where gym is marked).

Bonus free throw on the 7th team foul, two shots on the 10th team foul.

Players in all Leagues are encouraged to raise their hands when called for a foul.

In dead-ball/whistle situations players (coaches) must hand the ball to the nearest Official.

Players who yell, scream, clap, etc. in an obvious attempt to distract a shooter while in the act of taking an outside shot, or shooting a lay-up, are committing unsportsmanlike conduct and may be subjected to a technical foul.

Players will be removed from the game if in the opinion of the Official, unnecessary roughness or unsportsmanlike conduct occurs. Coaches/players/spectators will be given a technical foul without warning if they step on the court at any time when time out has not been called.


Home gym is to provide timers and scorers for all games scheduled in their gym. Only those directly involved with the clock and book may be at the table. We strongly recommend that no food or drink be permitted at the scorers table during the game.

The Official Book is kept at the scorers table. A team representative is permitted at the scorers table in case of an error or conflict.

Only Coaches on the roster may sit on the bench. As has been our custom for many years (during play) coaches may stand-up to react positively to a play on the floor, to call time-out or to speak to a player on his/her bench. Coaches who act outside of this scope may be subjected to a technical foul.

Players can be added to the existing roster until following the 4th game – provided they meet the MCYO eligibility requirements. Complete participants information with the appropriate signatures from the Coach, as well as the School Principal or Pastor must be in the MCYO Office before the participant is eligible to play.

Teams must be ready to play within 15 minutes of the scheduled time. Officials (with the approval of the MCYO Director) may waive this rule if conditions warrant.

Games played under protest must be completed. Please follow the MCYO protest procedures. Official’s judgment is not grounds for protest.

Site Supervisor will report scores for all games to the MCYO Office.

Coaches, players and spectators may not address officials following the game in a Disrespectful manner, make unsportsmanlike comments to the players or coaches From the other team or in any way violate the MCYO Codes of Conduct. Please Inform the MCYO Office if you are aware of any conflicts or problems in this area.

Games can be rescheduled when there are direct conflicts with parish/school activities or because of extremely bad weather and only through the MCYO Office. Coaches may not change times or days of games.

MCYO does not charge admission to regular season contests.

Following the regular season all AA teams will be seeded according to their record and will participate in MCYO play-off competition to be determined at a later date. The 1st and 2nd place teams in each AA League will be invited to play in the annual Twin City Championship and 3rd place games. There is no Fee for the AA play-offs and Twin City games.

Following the regular season all Cub and Northstar Teams will be invited to participate in post season tournament competition to be determined at a later date. There will be a tournament participation Fee for each team.

MCYO does charge admission to all play-off, tournament and Twin City basketball games .

Any changes to the MCYO Rules and Regulations made during the season will be sent to all appropriate athletic directors and coaches.

Warm up Basketballs will be provided by the home gym.



  • 7 minute stop time. (4) periods.
  • Overtime 3 minute stop time periods.
  • Personal Fouls 5 (notify the coach on 4th foul).
  • Team Fouls Bonus on the 7th.
  • 2 shots on the 10th.


  • 6 minute stop time. (4) periods.
  • Overtime 2 minute stop time periods.
  • Personal Fouls 5 (notify the coach on the 4th).
  • Team Fouls Bonus on the 7th.
  • 2 shots on the 10th.


  • 7 minute running time. (4) periods.
  • Overtime 2 minute stop time periods.
  • Personal Fouls 5 (notify the coach on the 4th).
  • Team Fouls Bonus on the 7th.
  • 2 shots on the 10th.

ALTERNATING JUMP-BALL (procession arrow pointing to the Team Bench.

RUNNING TIME… 7 Minutes running time. Clock stops for: FOULS, FREETHROWS, TIME OUTS and SUBSTITUTIONS. 

STOP TIME… clock stops for EVERY WHISTLE. The last two minutes of game and any overtime.

CLOCK or SCORE ERRORS… notify the Officials at the first dead ball situation. DO NOT WAIT.

OFFICIAL SCOREBOOK… must list all players (first and LAST NAMES) With JERSEY NUMBERS. Have the coaches check the official book before the game. OFFICIALS should sign the official book before the contest in the appropriate area.


Pay attention to the game and Officials at all times. Do not visit.

Make coaches and officials aware of time outs remaining, players who have 4 fouls and teams that have 6, 7 and 10 team fouls.

Take charge of the game ball and avoid shooting between half and games.

Be respectful to officials, coaches and players. You are not required to answer spectators questions. Let the Officials know if there is a problem.

It is strongly recommended that no food or drink be allowed at the scorers table (except at halftime and between games). You’re a very important part of each contest. All of your energy must be focused on the game. Thank You.