Spelling Bee

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Moderators and Judges will decide on the order of the words to be spelled (top to bottom, every sixth word, or some other agreed pattern. The Rules must be read to the contestants before you start.

1.Moderators will pronounce the word, use it in a sentence, and then repeat the word.

2.Contestant has 30 seconds to respond.

3.When the contestant is preparing to spell the word the contestant must: a)pronounce the word, b) spell the word, c) pronounce the word again.

4.Before spelling the word, a contestant may ask for the definition of the word.

5.If the contestant has started to spell the word and feels that the word is being misspelled, the contestant start the word again as long as the word has not been pronounced a second time.

6.The judge will confirm by saying “correct” or “incorrect”. If the word is spelled correctly, the contestant remains in the contest. If the word is incorrectly spelled, the judge will spell the word correctly and the contestant is then eliminated from the competition.

7.When only two contestants remain and there is an incorrect response, the word will be given to the second contestant. If the second contestant spells the word correctly, that contestant will be given a second word. If that word is also spelled correctly, that contestant is the champion. If either word is misspelled by the second contestant, the first contestant will receive a new word.

8.The Moderator may use a higher grade level word if they run out of their grade level words.

9.MODERATORS AND JUDGES WILL HAVE THE COMPLETE AND FINAL DECISIONS IN THIS CONTEST. Conferences will involve Moderators, Judges and Board Members only.

10.Spectators may not face the contestants, but instead, must remain behind the contestants and are not allowed to converse with contestants, moderator or judges while in the room. At various intervals the Moderator may pause to allow those contestants who have misspelled words and spectators to leave the room. Each first, second and third place winner will report to the original meeting area to receive their award. The champion of each grade level will compete to determine the overall MCYO Spelling Champion.