St. Charles

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Basketball 2015-16

Boys AA

12/18/15St. HelenaSt. Charles BorromeoWin
1/22/16Holy FamilyPope John Paul IIWin
2/12/16St. HelenaAscensionWin
2/18/16Holy FamilySt. Charles BorromeoLoss

Girls AA

12/11/15AscensionSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
12/18/15St. HelenaO.L.P. – Our Lady of Peace6:00 PM
1/15/16Our Lady of PeaceAscensionLoss
2/12/16St. HelenaO.L.P. – Our Lady of PeaceLoss
2/18/16Our Lady of PeaceSt. Charles BorromeoLoss

Boys Cub

12/5/15St. BartholomewSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
12/12/15Holy FamilyO.L.P. – Our Lady of Peace12:15 PM
1/5/16Pope John Paul IIPope John Paul IIWin
1/9/16Holy NameSt. Charles Borromeo12:00 PM
1/12/16AscensionSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
1/20/16Pope John Paul IIPope John Paul IIWin
1/25/16Good ShepherdSt. Charles Borromeo7:00 PM
2/6/16St. BartholomewSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
2/10/16Our Lady of PeaceO.L.P. – Our Lady of PeaceLoss
2/13/16Holy NameHoly Name of JesusLoss
2/16/16Holy FamilySt. Charles BorromeoLoss

Boys Northstar

12/5/15Holy Name WhiteSt. Charles Borromeo1:00 PM
12/12/15Holy Name BlueAscensionLoss
1/9/16St. BartholomewSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
1/12/16Good Shepherd BlackSt. Charles Borromeo6:00 PM
1/16/16Ascension GreyAscensionLoss
1/25/16Holy Name BlancoSt. Charles Borromeo6:00 PM
1/30/16Ascension RedAscensionLoss
2/6/16Good Shepherd GoldSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
2/13/16Ascension GreyAscension10:00 AM
2/20/16Our Lady of PeaceSt. Charles Borromeo12:00 PM

Girls Northstar

12/5/15Our Lady of PeaceSt. Charles BorromeoWin
1/4/16St. BartholomewSt. Bartholomew’s (St. Bart’s)Win
1/9/16Holy NameSt. Charles BorromeoWin
1/12/16Good Shepherd BlackSt. Charles BorromeoWin
1/16/16Good Shepherd GoldGood ShepherdLoss
1/21/16St. HelenaPope John Paul II7:00 PM
1/25/16AscensionSt. Charles Borromeo5:00 PM
2/6/16Holy NameSt. Charles BorromeoWin
2/20/16St. BartholomewSt. Charles Borromeo2:00 PM


Volleyball 2015

Varsity Volleyball – BLACK

9/18/15Our Lady of PeaceSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
9/18/15St. Charles GreenSt. Charles BorromeoWin
9/26/15AscensionCourt #1Loss
9/29/15St. HelenaSt. Charles BorromeoWin
10/6/15Pope John Paul IISt. Charles BorromeoWin
10/10/15St. HelenaPope John Paul II Court #2Win
10/10/15AscensionPope John Paull II Court #2Win
10/13/15Our Lady of PeaceSt. Charles BorromeoWin

Varsity Volleyball – GREEN

9/18/15St. Charles BlackSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
9/18/15Pope John Paul IISt. Charles BorromeoWin
9/26/15AscensionCourt #2Loss
9/29/15AscensionSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
9/29/15Our Lady of PeaceSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
10/6/15Our Lady of PeaceSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
10/6/15Pope John Paul IISt. Charles BorromeoLoss
10/13/15St. HelenaSt. Charles BorromeoWin

Cub Volleyball

9/19/15Holy Name ScarletSt. Charles Borromeo Court #2Win
9/22/15Our Lady of PeaceO.L.P. – Our Lady of PeaceWin
9/26/15Holy Name BlueGood ShepherdWin
9/29/15Good Shepherd GoldSt. Charles BorromeoWin
10/5/15Holy Name NavyGood ShepherdLoss
10/9/15Our Lady of PeaceO.L.P. – Our Lady of PeaceWin
10/10/15Good Shepherd BlackPope John Paul II Court #1Win
10/19/15Holy Name RedHoly Name of Jesus4:15 PM
10/26/15St. BartholomewSt. Bartholomew’s (St. Bart’s)5:00 PM

Northstar Volleyball

9/19/15Good Shepherd BlackSt. Charles Borromeo Court #1Win
9/22/15Our Lady of PeaceO.L.P. – Our Lady of PeaceWin
9/26/15AscensionPope John Paul II Court #1Win
9/26/15St. BartholomewPope John Paul II Court #1Win
10/6/15St. HelenaPope John Paul II Court #1Win
10/6/15Good Shepherd GoldPope John Paul II Court #2Win
10/9/15St. HelenaO.L.P. – Our Lady of PeaceWin
10/10/15Holy NamePope John Paul II Court #1Win


Soccer 2015

Varsity Soccer – BLACK

9/13/15St. Charles GreenHusetWin
9/23/15Holy FamilyWalker ParkLoss
9/27/15St. HelenaHusetWin
9/29/15St. Raphael NCSt. Raphael’s School FieldTie
10/9/15St. HelenaWalker ParkWin
10/11/15Holy FamilyHusetWin

Varsity Soccer – GREEN

9/13/15St. Charles BlackHusetLoss
9/20/15Holy FamilyHusetLoss
9/23/15St. HelenaWalker ParkLoss
9/29/15St. Raphael JVSt. Raphael’s School FieldWin
10/9/15Holy FamilyWalker ParkLoss
10/11/15St. HelenaHusetWin

Cub Soccer

9/16/15Immaculate ConceptionHusetLoss
9/27/15Holy Name RedHusetLoss
9/30/15Good Shepherd BlackWalker ParkLoss
10/4/15Holy FamilyHoly Name of JesusLoss
10/10/15Good Shepherd GoldHoly Name of JesusLoss
10/11/15Holy Name BlueHoly Name of JesusLoss
10/12/15Our Lady of PeaceNokomis3:15 PM


Basketball 2014-15

Boys AA Basketball

12/9/14St. HelenaSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
12/12/14Holy FamilyAscensionWin
12/19/14St. HelenaPope John Paul IILoss
1/13/15Holy FamilySt. Charles BorromeoWin
1/23/15St. John the BaptistImmaculate Conception5:15 PM
1/27/15St. HelenaAscension6:45 PM
1/29/15AscensionPope John Paul IILoss
2/3/15Holy FamilySt. Charles BorromeoWin
2/11/15AscensionSt. Charles BorromeoWin
2/13/15CAASt. Charles Borromeo6:45 PM

St. C BLACK Girls AA Basketball

12/9/14St. HelenaO.L.P. – Our Lady of PeaceWin
12/10/14Our Lady of PeaceO.L.P. – Our Lady of Peace5:30 PM
12/17/14St. HelenaPope John Paul IIWin
1/14/15Our Lady of PeacePope John Paul IILoss
1/21/15St. Charles GreenSt. Charles BorromeoWin
1/22/15St. Raphael NCAscensionWin
1/23/15St. John the BaptistSt. Charles BorromeoWin
1/27/15Our Lady of PeaceSt. Charles BorromeoWin
2/4/15St. HelenaSt. Charles BorromeoWin
2/11/15St. Charles GreenSt. Charles BorromeoWin
2/13/15CAAImmaculate Conception5:15 PM

St. C GREEN Girls AA Basketball

12/9/14Our Lady of PeaceO.L.P. – Our Lady of PeaceLoss
12/10/14St. HelenaO.L.P. – Our Lady of PeaceLoss
12/17/14Our Lady of PeacePope John Paul IILoss
1/14/15St. HelenaPope John Paul IILoss
1/21/15St. Charles BlackSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
1/23/15St. AgnesSt. Charles BorromeoWin
1/27/15St. HelenaSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
1/28/15St. Raphael JVSt. Charles BorromeoWin
2/4/15Our Lady of PeaceSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
2/11/15St. Charles BlackSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
2/13/15CAAImmaculate Conception4:00 PM

Boys Cub Basketball

12/13/14Holy FamilySt. Charles BorromeoWin
1/10/15Holy NameSt. Charles BorromeoWin
1/13/15Good ShepherdSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
1/21/15Good ShepherdSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
1/24/15Holy FamilySt. Charles BorromeoWin
1/27/15Holy NamePope John Paul IILoss
1/28/15St. Raphael NCSt. Charles Borromeo5:00 PM
1/31/15Holy NameSt. Peter & PaulLoss
2/7/15Good ShepherdGood ShepherdLoss
2/14/15Holy FamilySt. Charles Borromeo12:00 PM

Boys Northstar Basketball

12/13/14Good Shepherd BlackSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
1/10/15Holy Name WhiteSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
1/17/15Holy Name BlueSt. Peter & PaulLoss
1/21/15Our Lady of PeaceO.L.P. – Our Lady of PeaceLoss
1/24/15Good Shepherd GoldSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
1/27/15AscensionPope John Paul IILoss
1/31/15Good Shepherd WhiteGood ShepherdLoss
2/2/15St. Bartholomew WhiteSt. Bartholomew’s (St. Bart’s)6:00 PM
2/7/15Holy FamilySt. Charles Borromeo2:00 PM
2/14/15St. Bartholomew WhiteSt. Charles BorromeoLoss

Girls Northstar Basketball

12/12/14Holy NamePope John Paul IIWin
12/13/14Good Shepherd BlackSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
1/8/15Good Shepherd GoldSt. Charles Borromeo5:00 PM
1/10/15Holy NameSt. Charles BorromeoWin
1/24/15St. HelenaSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
1/31/15Good Shepherd BlackGood ShepherdLoss
2/7/15Holy NameSt. Charles Borromeo1:00 PM
2/11/15St. HelenaO.L.P. – Our Lady of PeaceLoss
2/14/15AscensionSt. Charles BorromeoLoss
2/17/15Good Shepherd GoldGood Shepherd5:00 PM
2/13/16Good Shepherd BlackGood Shepherd9:00 AM


Volleyball 2014

Northstar Volleyball

9/20/14St. HelenaSt. Charles Court 1Loss
9/20/14Good Shepherd BlackSt. Charles Court 1Win
9/23/14Our Lady of PeaceSt. CharlesWin
10/8/14Holy Name BlancoGood ShepherdLoss
10/10/14Good Shepherd GoldGood ShepherdWin
10/10/14Holy Name WhiteGood ShepherdWin
10/11/14St. HelenaOur Lady of Peace10:40 AM
10/11/14Holy Name WhiteO.L.P. – Our Lady of Peace12:10 PM

Varsity Volleyball – BLACK

9/19/14AscensionSt. CharlesWin
9/19/14Our Lady of PeaceSt. CharlesWin
9/23/14St. Charles GreenSt. CharlesWin
9/23/14Pope John Paul IISt. CharlesWin
10/3/14Pope John Paul IIPope John Paul IIWin
10/3/14St. HelenaPope John Paul IIWin
10/7/14Our Lady of PeaceOur Lady of PeaceWin
10/11/14AscensionAscension Court #210:40 AM

Varsity Volleyball – GREEN

9/19/14Our Lady of PeaceSt. CharlesLoss
9/23/14St. Charles BlackSt. CharlesLoss
9/23/14Pope John Paul IISt. CharlesWin
10/3/14St. HelenaPope John Paul IILoss
10/3/14AscensionPope John Paul IIWin
10/11/14St. HelenaAscension Court #210:00 AM
10/22/14Our Lady of PeaceOur Lady of Peace4:30 PM
10/22/14Pope John Paul IIOur Lady of Peace6:00 PM


Soccer 2014

Cub Soccer

9/21/14Immaculate ConceptionHusetLoss
9/25/14Holy NameHoly NameLoss
9/28/14Good Shepherd BlackFranklin FieldLoss
10/1/14Good Shepherd GoldWalker Field3:45 PM
10/7/14Holy FamilyWalker FieldWin
10/11/14St. HelenaLincoln Field11:15 AM
10/12/14Our Lady of PeaceHuset2:15 PM

Varsity Soccer – GREEN

9/18/14St. Charles WhiteHusetLoss
9/21/14Our Lady of PeaceHusetWin
9/28/14Holy FamilyHusetWin
10/5/14Our Lady of PeaceFranklin FieldWin
10/9/14Holy FamilyHusetLoss
10/12/14AscensionFranklin Field1:00 PM
10/13/14Pope John Paul IIHuset4:45 PM

Varsity Soccer – WHITE

9/18/14St. Charles GreenHusetWin
9/28/14Our Lady of PeaceHusetWin
10/5/14AscensionFranklin FieldWin
10/5/14Pope John Paul IIHusetWin
10/7/14Holy FamilyWalker FieldWin
10/10/14Our Lady of PeaceNokomis4:00 PM
10/12/14Pope John Paul IIFranklin Field2:15 PM


Basketball 2013-2014

Boy’s AA – BLACK

12/5/13Holy FamilyPope John Paul IIWin
12/17/13Our Lady of PeaceSt. CharlesWin
12/20/13St. HelenaSt. CharlesWin
1/8/14Pope John Paul IIPope John Paul II (R/L)Win
1/9/14St. Charles GreenSt. CharlesWin
1/16/14Ascension RedPope John Paul IILoss
1/24/14St John the BaptistSt. Charles4:30 PM
1/30/14Holy FamilyPope John Paul IIWin
2/3/14Ascension GreyAscension (R/L)Win
2/7/14St. OdiliaICS Columbia Heights4:00 PM
2/11/14St. HelenaSt. CharlesWin
2/18/14Ascension RedSt. Charles (L)7:15 PM

Boy’s AA – GREEN

12/10/13Ascension GreyAscensionLoss
12/17/13Ascension RedSt. CharlesLoss
12/20/13Our Lady of PeaceSt. CharlesLoss
1/8/14Holy FamilyPope John Paul II (R/L)Loss
1/9/14St. Charles BlackSt. CharlesLoss
1/16/14Pope John Paul IIPope John Paul IILoss
1/21/14St. HelenaOur Lady of PeaceLoss
1/24/14St John the Baptist BSt. Charles7:00 PM
2/4/14Ascension GreyOur Lady of PeaceLoss
2/7/14St. Peter Clever CICS Columbia Heights7:45 PM
2/11/14Our Lady of PeaceSt. Charles Loss
2/13/14Pope John Paul IISt. Charles6:15 PM

Boy’s Cub

12/7/13AscensionSt. CharlesLoss
12/17/13St. BartholomewSt. CharlesWin
1/8/14Good ShepherdPope John Paul II (R/L)Loss
1/11/14Holy NameSt. CharlesLoss
1/16/14St. BartholomewSt. BartholomewLoss
2/1/14Good ShepherdSt. Charles12:30 PM
2/3/14AscensionAscension (R)Win
2/8/14Holy NameSt. Charles1:30 PM
2/10/14Holy FamilySt. Charles5:00 PM
2/13/14Holy FamilySt. Charles (R/T)4:15 PM

Girl’s AA – BLACK

12/4/13Our Lady of PeaceSt. CharlesLoss
12/9/13St. HelenaAscensionWin
12/18/13Holy FamilySt. CharlesWin
1/8/14AscensionSt. CharlesWin
1/13/14Our Lady of PeaceOur Lady of PeaceLoss
1/22/14St. HelenaSt. CharlesWin
1/24/14St Croix CatholicICS Columbia Heights7:45 PM
2/3/14Holy FamilySt. CharlesWin
2/7/14St. Pats of HudsonSt. Charles5:45 PM
2/10/14St. Charles GreenSt. CharlesWin

Girl’s AA – GREEN

12/4/13St. HelenaSt. CharlesWin
12/18/13Our Lady of PeaceSt. CharlesLoss
1/8/14Holy FamilySt. CharlesLoss
1/13/14St. HelenaOur Lady of PeaceLoss
1/22/14AscensionSt. CharlesWin
1/24/14St Johns BlueICS Columbia Heights5:15 PM
2/3/14Our Lady of PeaceSt. CharlesLoss
2/7/14St. RoseSt. Charles (T)7:00 PM
2/10/14St. Charles BlackSt. CharlesLoss
2/12/14Holy FamilyAscensionLoss

Girl’s Cub

12/4/13Holy NameSt. CharlesLoss
12/20/13AscensionSt. CharlesLoss
1/11/14Good ShepherdSt. CharlesLoss
1/18/14Our Lady of PeaceOur Lady of PeaceLoss
2/1/14Good ShepherdSt. CharlesLoss
2/8/14AscensionSt. Charles12:30 PM
2/13/14Holy NameSt. Charles (R/T)5:15 PM
2/15/14Our Lady of PeaceAscension11:00 AM


Soccer 2013

Cub Soccer – WHITE

9/24/13Holy FamilyHoly NameLoss
9/30/13I.C.S.Huset4:15 PM
10/1/13Holy Name BlueHoly Name4:15 PM
10/3/13St. RaphaelSt. RaphaelTBD
10/6/13Good Shepherd GoldSt. RaphaelLoss
10/13/13St. HelenaHusetLoss

Cub Soccer – GREEN

9/24/13Holy Name RedHoly NameWin
9/29/13I.C.S.St. Raphael2:15 PM
10/2/13Good Shepherd BlackHusetLoss
10/4/13O.L.P.Franklin FieldWin
10/6/13St. RaphaelSt. RaphaelWin
10/10/13Holy FamilyLouisiana OaksLoss
10/11/13St. HelenaNokomisLoss
10/13/13Holy Name BlueHoly NameLoss

Varsity Soccer – WHITE

9/17/13St. Charles GreenHusetWin
9/26/13O.L.P.St. RaphaelWin
9/28/13Pope JP IIFranklin FieldWin
10/6/13Pope JP IIHusetWin

Varsity Soccer – GREEN

9/17/13St. Charles WhiteHusetLoss
9/26/13AscensionFranklin FieldLoss
9/29/13Pope JP IIHusetWin
10/3/13AscensionFranklin FieldLoss
10/7/13O.L.P.Franklin FieldLoss
10/13/13Pope JP IIHusetLoss


Volleyball 2013

Cub Volleyball – GREEN

9/19/13St. Charles WhiteSt. Charles MCLoss
9/19/13St. Bart'sSt. Charles MCWin
9/30/13Holy Name RedHoly NameLoss
10/2/13Holy FamilySt. Charles Ct. #2Win
10/11/13Holy Name ScarletHoly Name4:30 PM
10/11/13Holy Name NavyHoly Name5:50 PM
10/12/13Holy Name BluePope JP II Ct. #29:40 AM
10/12/13Pope John Paul IIPope JP II Ct. #210:20 AM

Cub Volleyball – WHITE

9/19/13St. Charles GreenSt. Charles MCWin
9/19/13St. Bart'sSt. Charles MCWin
9/23/13Good ShepherdGood ShepherdLoss
9/27/13Holy Name RedHoly NameWin
10/2/13Holy FamilySt. Charles Ct. #2Win
10/4/13Holy Name ScarletHoly NameWin
10/12/13Pope John Paul IIPope JP II Ct. #29:00 AM
10/12/13Holy Name BluePope JP II Ct. #210:50 AM

Varsity Volleyball – BLACK

9/23/13Holy FamilySt. Charles MCWin
9/23/13St. Charles GreenSt. Charles MCWin
10/2/13AscensionSt. Charles Ct. #1Win
10/2/13St. HelenaSt. Charles Ct. #1Win
10/7/13AscensionSt. Charles MCWin
10/9/13O.L.P.Ascension Ct. #1Win
10/9/13Holy FamilyAscension Ct. #1Win
10/11/13O.L.P.O.L.P. MC4:30 PM
10/11/13St. HelenaO.L.P. MC5:10 PM

Varstiy Volleyball – GREEN

9/23/13Holy FamilySt. Charles MCWin
9/23/13St. Charles BlackSt. Charles MCLoss
10/2/13O.L.P.St. Charles Ct. #1Win
10/2/13Holy FamilySt. Charles Ct. #2Loss
10/7/13AscensionSt. Charles MCLoss
10/7/13St. HelenaSt. Charles MCLoss
10/9/13AscensionAscension Ct. #1Loss
10/9/13O.L.P.Ascension Ct. #1Win
10/11/13St. HelenaO.L.P. MC5:50 PM