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High School League   |   Volleyball Lineup Card

MCYO Volleyball Program

League and Fees:

Varsity (8th Grade and Under) $300.00 per team
Cub (6th Grade and Under) $250.00 per team
Northstar (5th Grade and Under) $250.00 per team
Entry Deadline: September ____
Rosters Due: September ____
Season Begins: September ____

Plaing Rules:

Both VARSITY and CUB will be governed by a combination of the MSHSL rules with MCYO League rule exceptions:

1. MCYO uses rally scoring in a best of 3 games format. In the first 2 games the winner must reach 25 points. In game 3 (if necessary) the winner must reach 15 points.

2. MCYO allows one step into the court on a serve … Exception – Varsity high school court contests (MSHSL Rule).

3. MCYO does not use the MSHSL “libero rule”.

4. MCYO allows ten seconds to serve (not 5 seconds).

5. Teams will be given a reasonable amount of time to warm up. Games will start ahead of scheduled time when both teams are ready to play. Each team will supply one line judge.

6. Players are to roll the ball under the net on “side-out” situations.

7. Platforms, ladders or tables will be provided in gyms for officials at both levels.

8. Each team is to have one leather game ball ready for play.

At the end of the Varsity schedule, an all team double elimination tournament will take place to determine the MCYO champion. This will be a “true draw” tournament. The top 2 teams will represent our League in the annual Twin City Championships.

CUB/ Northstar RULE EXCEPTIONS to Varstiy include: a) Service line is 3 feet inside the court boundary. b) Overhand serve allowed from the marked varsity service line only. c) two-handed overhead pass is not allowed. d) Northstar league only will use the Volley-Lite ball.

Games will be scheduled in a doubleheader format whenever possible due to the number of available dates over a short season. Site supervisor will call in winners.

At the end of the Cub/ Northstar Schedule, there will be a “true draw” tournament. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be awarded. There is no charge for the tournament.